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        If you are like most Americans, privacy is a big concern to you. We want you to know that we at Andersen, McKune & Associates, LLP share this concern. During the preparation of your tax return, you share personal information with the employees and owners of Andersen, McKune & Associates, LLP. This might include information on applications, worksheets, tax organizers or other documents we use in preparing your taxes or other financial reports. It also may include information we receive directly from third parties such as brokerage houses and banks regarding your accounts with them and information about your transactions with our affiliates or us. We value your trust and make every effort to continue to deserve your confidence.

        Protecting your privacy is important to us and your personal information is only shared with those employees with whom it is necessary to perform services you have hired us to do. State and federal laws, and the standards of the CPA profession, pledge us to keep your information confidential unless we are required by a legal authority to divulge the information.

        If necessary, to complete your tax return this information may be shared with CCH Incorporated, the vendor proving us with our tax compliance software, ProSystem fx Tax. CCH Incorporated shares our privacy policy and commitment to your protection. We at Andersen, McKune & Associates, LLP do not share your personal information with any affiliates, marketing experts or subcontractors. Under California law you must give written permission before this information can be shared.

        Your personal information is stored in a secure space or on a secure computer. We take our obligation to you very seriously and value your trust. If you ever discontinue as a client of Andersen, McKune & Associates, LLP, we will be happy to furnish you with a copy of the information in our files and we will continue to protect and treat the information that you have trusted us with as confidential. When your personal information is no longer needed, it is shredded, erased or destroyed before being recycled.


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